LeFunland is the innovative China leading manufacturer of commercial indoor playground equipments for children.

We specialize in developing and manufacturing high quality new concept indoor playground equipments. We offer turn-key solutions: We customize the indoor playground, accessories and the theme environment in order to fit the customer’s vision, space and budget perfectly.


indoor playground equipment

Interactive Soft play equipments,very suitable for toddlers and small kids. With shinning bright color, it is very attractive commercial indoor playground equipments.

indoor playground
indoor playground equipment

Indoor play structure (Ballistic Play) Playground is more challenge and suitable for relatively elder kids from 5~12. Fixed frame structure with customized theme of Pirate Ship, Ocean, Forest, Castle, Candy etc, bring a very vivid natural indoor playground for kids. 


Play panel can be put anywhere with kids waiting, like restaurant, hotel, airport, kindergarten, indoor playground etc. It can be mounted on the wall or free stand on the floor. Small area requited only.

Climbing Walls height from 5~12 Meters, both adult and kids can climbing with the protection of American Imported Auto Belay. It can be set on the building wall or make a free stand wall in the Hall. It is very challenge and exciting indoor playground equipment. 


Different from normal Ropes Course, Lefunland Ropes Course can be climbed by both kids and adults with stong structure and high level quality. It is very ideal indoor playground equipment for Family Entertainment Center.

Trampoline park is for both adults and kids. it can be integrated into a play structure indoor playground, or make a big trampoline park with hundreds of square meters. It is about relax and too much fun!


Why the indoor playgrounds look the same,
but the price differs so much?
What’s the material difference?
What is global standard and requirement?

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First indoor playground to open?
never import indoor playground equipment before?
Do not worry, Lefunland will guide you with the whole process to set a fabulous indoor playground.

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Lefunland has more than 600 indoor playgrounds and brings happiness to kids all over the world
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  • Customer from America
    Customer from America

    Everything is very nice and we are pleased with the quality and appearance of Lefunland Indoor Playground Equipment. Kids like this indoor playground so much! I hope we will cooperate in the future soon for my next indoor playground. Pls send me new indoor playground equipments.

    • Customer from Australia
      Customer from Australia

      Our indoor playground business has been a big success, children and parents love the playground equipment so much! We are thinking of opening another indoor playground by the end of the year. I would love to be your direct agent for your indoor playground equipment in Australia. Thank you!

      • Customer from Greece
        Customer from Greece

        I wanted to thank you for all the cooperation we had for my indoor playground. We picked the right indoor playground equipment and I have to tell you that you are really professionals! Also I want to tell you that we love your indoor playground equipments and thank you for the cooperation we had!

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