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Soft Play

Lefunland provide you multifunctional playgrounds, you can add interactive soft play, play structure, climbing net, climbing wall, lit-up wall, play panel and mirror maze etc., all in one playground. With Lefunland, you don’t need to find several suppliers for different kinds of playgrounds, we provide you multifunctional playgrounds.

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Interactive soft play

Interactive soft play equipment is electrical playground equipment with motors inside, they are: •High quality with certificates; •Colourful and sparkle; •Especially for kids under 7; •Help to practice kids physical fitness; •For kids to play in group, to increase their social skills. To give kids of all ages fun, to combine the play structure with interactive soft play is a good choice.

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Ropes Course

High Ropes Course are by far the most powerful and exciting attractions. High Ropes Course are structured progressively into levels, getting higher and higher, and delivering a huge thrill that can be shared safely with all the family together. Our High Ropes Course are full of different challenges that people must carry through in order to climb up to the top: Ropes, endless stairs, ladders, hanging-swing bridges… Built with the best high quality steel for structure, our Ropes Course structure has longer lifespan than traditional wooden-made climbing structures

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Zip Line

Zipline can make full use of the high area. It brings you the best flying feeling with an bird view of the whole family entertainment center.

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Climbing Wall

Climbing series are mainly for kids above 4 years old, teenagers and adults, very suitable for FEC; Climbing series need the playground to have a high ceiling; All materials are of high quality and the pulleys are imported from the United States; This play set is adventurous that can help all people especially kids and teenagers to increase their self-esteem.

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Trampoline Park

Jumping park can be enjoyed by kids and elder people, teenagers, adults. Everyone can simply jump as high as possible to relax. To let customers have fun, the ceiling height of a trampoline park need to be more than 5 meters. For a larger area, a trampoline park can also have separated spaces for dodge ball game and basketball game.

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Ninja Course

The Ninja course is designed to enhance the play experience by providing differentlevels of challenge while offering the thrill of a high-ropes without the need for a harness.

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Mini Town

Because playing house never goes out of style, this home away from homefeatures a miniature kitchen and washer-dryer combo. In addition, there are kid- sized dress- up clothes to inspire imaginative role playing and some very creative storylines.

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Water Play System

Lefunland New concept water play system! New & hot attractive for indoor playground.

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Ball Pool

The Ball Kingdom is an smusement equipment that uses mechanical principles to move the balls. It is suitable for an area of 60~100 sqm area. Or if the space is limited, It can be installed on the wall.

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PU Items

The PU items are made by a special kind of foam, it is safe, soft, sustainable, colourful and easy to maintain. Each playground can put one as the decoration at the entrance, kids really like it, this also works in restaurants.

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Lit-up Wall

When playing with this lit-up wall, kids can create any pictures by using multi-coloured pegs into the wall to make it light up. This lit-up wall is like the life-sized version of lite brite, helps kids to be more creative and intelligent.

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Climbing Net

Climbing nets are special for kids who like to climb, crawl, shake, sway, swing, roll and revolve. When playing in climbing net, kids can be more brave and confident.

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Play Panels

Lefunland play panels use high density beech from Germany and water based paint as main materials. They are educational and interactive. Some of the panels can be mounted on the wall to save space, quite suitable for small play grounds and kids corners.

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Mirror Maze

Mirror Mazes allow both kids and adults to play inside. People can see infinite reflections of themselves in every direction! Encounter surprising corners, dead ends and continuous circles! Mirror mazes are sustainable, safe, interesting and easy to maintain. When inside the world is like endless.

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