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Peanut Swing

Lefunland Indoor Playground Equipment


Swing sets are one of the child’s favourite indoor play places to have fun. Lefunland’s peanut swing II is perfect for smaller kids because of it’s comfortable and safe seats. It helps children’s balance and active learning posture. In Lefunland we are specialist in create complete indoor play places for kids.

Addition description:

Product name: Peanut Swing II

Product description:

Indoor playground equipment
professional, unique and colorful design artificially constructed wall, more attractive to children.
Rigorously tested, safe and reliable. Our number one priority is always child safety
Hight quality materials
Made by fun and function
It Include one motor,to make the soft modular spin.
Age range: + 3


Mesures (mm):Length 2200 Width 2200 Height 27000
N-W- (Kg): 300 kg
power (W): 145 w.