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In the purchase of children's play equipment for use:
( 1 ) Look for age range. General instructions for use of toys will be marked in the age lefunland kid playground equipment of the toy , you can choose according to the child’s age. This mainly has two meanings : First , children’s play equipment for children ages itself is designed ; second , not in this age of the child at risk of using the product .
( 2 ) see security warnings . Some toys hidden danger production plant will make a reminder by warnings . After opening the package , such as , immediately dispose of the packaging bag . Non- life-saving supplies , only in lefunland playground equipment company water use , not for children under 3 years of age and so on. The purchase and use of toys , be sure to read the warnings , to avoid misuse of the occurrence of dangerous toys .
( 3 ) Effective date look . Some products are used within the validity period is specified , you can avoid the use of expired products .
( 4 ) Look use. Sophisticated toys, such as children’s bicycles , walkers, computer learning machine, imported children’s play facilities should be detailed using methods and precautions . In the purchase should pay attention to this point.
( 5 ) look at the assembly process diagram. Whether assembling toys assembled by an adult or child should have assembled self-assembly process diagram.