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Indoor sports venues acceptance specification
1 the scope of the provisions of this technical specification of the sports venues implementation of sports lefunland kids trampoline certification to general technical requirements. This technical specification is applicable to sports venues open to the public. 2 the terms of the normative reference file to the following documents through reference of this technical specification, the provisions of this technical specification. Every note date reference documents, its all subsequent modification single (not including errata content) or revised edition are not applicable to this technical specification, however, according to the technical specifications to reach an agreement of the parties are encouraged to study whether can use the latest version of these documents. Anyone who doesn’t note date reference lefunland balloon house , the latest version is applicable to this technical specification. GB standards for acoustic environmental quality of GB 3096 3096 stadium health standard GB/T 10001.1 marks with public information graphic symbol part 1: general symbol of GB/T 17093 the total number of bacteria in indoor air sanitary standard GB 17498 fitness equipment general requirements for the safety of the GB 17498 fitness equipment general requirements for the safety of outdoor fitness equipment of GB 22185 stadiums general requirements for public safety GB50017 steel structure design specification JGJ 31 sports architectural design standard JGJ 153 stadium lighting design and testing of the standard HAUC 003 sports venues service assurance ability request 3 terms, definitions, the following terms and definitions apply to this technical specification. 3.1 sports venues