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Different children's play equipment have different effects on children
Musical toys for children : Start listening to music from a baby to play with older children on their own lefunland playground equipment company toys, small musical instruments, can protect a child for early music, dance, arts education , the yardsticks , cultivate the ability to feel and enjoy music , and related technologies skills. As a small piano, harmonium , a small percussion instruments, as well as retractable music radio, tape recorder, player, etc.
Use of the natural world of children’s toys : lefunland kids trampolinesknowledge can enrich children’s use changes the natural world , develop observation skills , develop imagination and creativity. Commonly used play sand , splashing, playing in the snow toys, such as kegs , a small shovel , small kettle, a funnel and a variety of mold ; easy to cultivated plants , suitable breeding fish, small animals, insects and other small twigs, pebbles , toy houses, bridges and so on. You can also use the care of small animals, flowers and children’s work habits and develop a sense of responsibility .
Sports toys for children : can the child be trained sensory and basic actions , such as training in vision, hearing, hand-eye coordination , crawl, stand, walk , balance, climbing and other actions , and agility , courage , skill skills development and training . Such toys to play with babies roll bars , rings, children playing ball, set of towers, beaded , windmills , flags, and can push and pull the car slides, rocking horse , jungle gym , a small bicycle.
Building toys: a variety of large , medium and small blocks, various geometric wood , wood , various inserts, rubber toys, such patterns can transform toys , is the most enlightening intellectual activity toys for children . Children of different ages have different play from play without a purpose , to reflect the child’s understanding of things around and ability to imitate . Develop hand-eye coordination , development of hand movements , develop children ’s imagination and perseverance.

Transportation of children’s toys : Children can develop action , language , imagination, while older children more abundant knowledge of transport to carry the game , and play their creativity. Such a variety of push and pull toys, cars , toys, various modes of transport , such as cars , trains, ships, aircraft, and lights , red and green flags and other auxiliary toys.