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Indoor Playground Franchise

Most of the people looking to invest in a kids indoor playground franchise are normally new to this industry. They know that indoor play areas for kids are quite profitable, but they lack of knowledge about the last events regarding to this market.

If you spend 1 minute reading this article it will give you enough information to make the right business decision:

Why is a bad idea to invest in indoor playground franchises?

Kids playground franchises basically charge a high amount of money just for services that other companies do for free. For example:

1-They will charge you an annual fee just for “belonging to the franchise.

2-They are tipically not the manufacturer, or they have deals with some factories but they increase a lot the price. You probably know that you should always avoid the middleman.

3-Franchises charge for 3D designs, and they can’t fully customize the playground to fit your vision.

4-After the warranty of some elements expires, they can charge all they want for reparations. You would be their hostage, not a customer.

5-Expensive installation. They bring several of their own employees to carry out the installation of the playground, which is very pricy.

To sum up, prepare to pay the triple than if you go with the alternative choice.

Best Alternative: Go Without Franchise

1-Buy directly to the factory. Most of the factories have designers working for them and they don’t charge you any money for a totally customized 3D design. Just email them your layout and get the design and a free quotation.

2-You will get the best price of the market because you buy directly to the manufacturer.

Moreover, if you buy to a international Chinese playground factory , you will get the same service for an extremely good price if you compare it with your country. That will allow you to have a fast Return On Investment and advance your competitors.

Chinese factories that focus on the international market have the same quality as the national ones, and they can prove it because they hold all the quality certificates of the materials, and also the safety certificates to carry out the installation.

3-No annual fees involved. You are the real owner of your indoor playground.

4-After the warranty expires you can still buy spare materials at the real price.

5-Chinese international factories have engineers with American and foreign working visas, that know all the local regulations and can carry out the installation for a very reasonable price. You can help this technician with your local employees. That will make you save a huge amount of money.

Finally a 200 square meters indoor playground with a franchise will cost you more than 150.000$, without counting the annual fees, and buying directly from the manufacturer will cost up to 35.000$/40.000$.

If you want to be the real owner of your kids indoor playground, from Lefunland we will be very pleased to assist you. Contact us, send us your layout and get your idea running now! No strings attached!