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  • Lefunland constantly works to enhance our indoor playground material and component

    specifications so that they meet or exceed applicable European and US standards.

  • We choose authority organization TUV and Intertek as 3rd party testing labs to provide to

    lead testing and fire retardant testing.

  • Lefunland can provide certifications for a number of European and US safety standards

    contact us for details.

  • Lefunland indoor playgrounds can be independently inspected by local licensed inspectors

    to ensure that your indoor play system meets local safety codes.

  • Lefunland is so confident that our quality meets or exceeds industry standards.
  • Lefunland controls the soft play, play structure design, manufactures indoor play areas

    components, distributes and installation.

Questions you can ask to check if the manufacturer meets the standards:

1. Understand what standard you are supposed to meet and write that standard into your PO. For

European is EN1176 and for USA it is ASTM F1487 standard, for Australia and New Zealand it is

Standard AS/NZS 4486.1 and AS 3533.4.2 – 2013, since Europe is the earliest to make the standards

for playground, sometimes other countries outside Europe especially Australia use EN1176 as

reference. The most authoritative test organization TUV suggest soft play items and play structures are

not soft contained play equipment(only inflatable play equipment is), so does not apply the ASTM F 1918


2. Request a MFG Certification – If Manufacturer is not aware of what a "MFG Certification" is

this means they lack either technical competency or not willing to stand behind their product.

Make sure certification calls out the correct standard.

3. Beware of Test Reports to Lower Standards – Some manufacturers in the industry are providing

test reports that show they meet toy standards (ASTM F963). These products are not toys but

commercial indoor playgrounds. These standards are for toys not for commercial amusement attractions.

These test reports do no mean the product meets amusement grade standards. These test reports may

mislead the buyer into thinking they are getting a product that meets standard.

High quality play equipment is the key factors to make your indoor play areas successful!