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Lefunland provides dependable and high quality manufactured products. Most indoor playgrounds,

despite being sourced from different manufacturers, look very similar, but can be very low quality.

Understanding the key differences in quality between LeFunland Playground equipment and

other industry players is critical. Lefunland ensures material, design and manufacturing

processes are executed at the highest standards in the industry.

Below are some examples that show the quality differences in indoor playgrounds:


Lefunland's playgrounds offer original and innovative indoor play structures by using high quality

materials that stimulates children's natural curiosity and creativity while keeping their mind and

body active.

Others Lefunland

We are experts in creating playgrounds that are not only aesthetically interesting for children

but also comfortable and safe.

The pictures below show the difference. The one on the left is an example of poor design

and lack of consideration for safety. Furthermore, it is not qualified for commercial usage. The

image on the left is our "UFO," made with high quality materials and designed for safety.

Others Lefunland

A proper playground surface is one of the most important factors in reducing injuries. Areas

under and around playground equipment must be covered with soft materials to help protect children

from injuries to the brain and body if they fall.

  • Other playground manufacturers design playgrounds

    with non-impact absorbing surfaces, such as asphalt,

    concrete, grass, dirt or gravel.

  • LeFunland uses safe surfaces in commercial playgrounds

    for small kids. The play area has a smooth and easy surface

    to walk on. We only use high density foam that will:

    -maintain its shape after years of usage

    -provide better protection to the children

    -more durability compared to foam mats


Lefunland is one of the few playground manufacturers that designs for durability. Our structures

can handle more weight than competitive products. This increased durability makes the products even

more safe and longer lasting.

  • This image shows how this company uses thin board and

    tube, signal that this area for kids is not secure. All

    equipment hardware should be secure - the plastic and

    wood should show no signs of weakening.

  • Playground sets made of durable materials that won't

    fall apart.


Many inflatable playground structures pose unique risks to smaller children who may fall inside the

spaces. Lefunland addressed this issue by adding transparent sections that will allow parents better

supervision over children´s safety.

Others Lefunland

To save costs, other manufacturers will purchase traditional toys to supplement their playgrounds.

It is common for these toys to quickly become dirty and spread harmful germs (left image). Lefunland

manufacturers toys in-house made with an easy-to-clean material that will keep the toys looking

new, lasting longer, and prevent germs from spreading.

Others Lefunland

There is a wide variety of materials playground equipment manufactures use in the industry.

Here are some examples of what to expect:

  • Normal PU

    -Weak material

    -Easy to separate in 2-3 years aprox.

    -Normally not certified quality

  • Lefunland Tailor made PVC

    - Strong PVC and wearable

    - Durable and long-lasting

    - Sustainable material

    - Safe composition

    - Aesthetically pleasing

  • Other playground manufacturers

    -Manufactured on mainland China

    -Produced by conventional mechanical lather

    -Engine oil requires changing every half year

    -Aluminum Coil, cannot be replaced, need to replace

    the whole motor

  • Lefunland's motor

    -Imported from Taiwan

    -Produced by Japanese CNC lather.

    -No need to change engine oil

    -Quite motor

  • Other Chinese manufacturers

    -Cheap low-density foam which is not very capable

    of maintaining its shape even after only a few months.

  • Lefunland foams will stay in shape even after years of

    intense usage in commercial playgrounds.

    -High-density foam is used in all our soft play equipment.

  • Other Chinese manufacturers use low quality pipe material.

    -Pipes used in competitive products does not meet national standards for material requirements and thickness. Rust will become an issue after only a few years and pose safety risks.

  • Lefunland High quality pipe

    Meets national thickness standards and made of

    high quality stainless steel.

  • Some Chinese manufacturers use no standards for these used steel materials and they may

    represent a serious hazard.

  • Lefunland use tailor-made materials,you can check the connector to find our logo there.we

    only use the highest quality"virgin"raw materials from galvanized steel pipe,galvanized

    steel fittings,and hardened set screws to make your indoor play system structure.

  • In addition,Lefunland designs-in extra steel into our indoor playground structures.Look for

    indoor play system structures that are light on steel framing,this may represent a risk.

Other Chinese manufacturers use normal wooden boards.

These are made from wood from soft trees, which have short

growth cycles. These boards are thin (less than 1 cm) making

them not only fragile, but are also very vulnerable to stratified

cracking. Also, the treatment process adds a high level of



Lefunland quality high density wooden board:

-Hard Eucalyptus wood, which has a long growth cycle.

- Thickness of 1.2-1.5 cm

-Whole sheet board

-Fire proof painting

-Strong enough to be safe and has a long lifespan

  • Lefunland choose high quality boards that have five layers with high density, and normally there are

    only three layers with lower density(like B as below, A is a good one but not as good as Lefunland).