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Climbing Wall Iii

Lefunland Climbing Wall


Lefunland presents our CLIMBING 5 or Tetris wall. This is a fascinating and dynamic structure designed to give kids a full body workout and a great time! Climbing walls are safe and the best way to introduce children to sports.

Additional Description

Product name: CLIMBING III

Product Description:

Indoor climbing structure
professional, unique and colorful design artificially constructed wall, more attractive to children.
Rigorously tested, safe and reliable. Our number one priority is always child safety
Made by steel tube、steel plate、Acrylic and so on.

Quick points

No previous experience needed
Great fun for 8 years and up, adults too
Ideal for individuals & families

Mesures: Length 4000 mm(1feet) Width 4000 mm(13.1feet) Height 6000 mm(19.7feet)
N-W- (Kg): 1000 kg
Age range: +8